Girl Geek Dinner #17! GBST and Ania Wedracki

21 October, 2013

Our seventeenth dinner is proudly hosted by GBST. GBST is a provider of software and services to the global financial services industry. They offer solutions in the capital markets, securities processing and wealth administration areas.
Date: Thursday, 21 November, 2013. From 6-8pm.

We will be hearing from Ania Wedracki on “Convenience at a cost of privacy – how changes in technology are changing social norms”. Ania currently works for web development firm Emu. Ania fell in love with technology at a young age and eventually found herself deeply involved in the dynamic and fast-paced web industry. Her most recent role as technical manager involves strategic planning, operational and project management.

Here's the details:

People: We must cap the attendees at a maximum of 50. The usual GGD rules apply, so boy geeks are more than welcome to come, but must have a girl geek escort.
Food: Platters of nibbles and soft drink/juice will be provided by GBST at the venue, champagne and cider will also be provided by GBST.
Where: GBST, Cathedral Square - West Tower, Level 4, 410 Ann St, Brisbane. We will have someone at the door to let you in.
RSVP: This is a free event, but you MUST have registered on eventbrite. Bring your eventbrite ticket with you on the night so we can let you in:

If you wish to bring children with you to the dinner, then you are more than welcome. If they are over 6, please make sure you arrange a ticket for them (so we can cater). However, there will be alcohol at the event, and it is likely to be fairly crowded and could be noisy, so use your discretion as to whether or not you feel it is suitable for your child before arranging your ticket.